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Life Insurance IS Affordable

Most people say they have a good understanding of life insurance? But do they? Let me be your personal life insurance agent in Sacramento!

For less than $20 a month, someone 30 years of age can have coverage

When asked how much they think the annual cost would be, 80% overestimate and most people don’t understand how much they need. Please view my Life Insurance Estimator to estimate for your personal budget.

Age Amount Term Cost, Male Cost, Female
30 $500,000 10 Years $14 $12
15 Years $15 $15
20 Years $20 $18
40 $500,000 10 Years $17 $16
15 Years $20 $20
20 Years $30 $26
50 $500,000 10 Years $42 $35
15 Years $60 $42
20 Years $78 $57

Let’s put this into perspective…

Life Insurance


Phone Bill




Cable TV


Rank your priorities.

What are your life insurance needs?

Let me be your personal life insurance agent in Sacramento
Needs Solution
Replace lost income from the premature death of a wager earner Purchase TERM for the period until retirement to provide for family.
Pay off debts, mortgage, final expense or prefund college Purchase TERM for length of time until college, enough money for final expenses or when mortgage is paid off.
Provide funds for childcare or special needs child Purchase TERM until child is self-sufficient or PERMANENT to replace parental support.
Protect future insurability Purchase TERM policy with PERMANENT conversion option as a young adult so insurability is protected, as health could decline over time.
Provide support for a divorced partner Purchase TERM to provide support for dependents during mandated divorce settlement period.
Develop a buy/sell plan that enables you to buy business partner’s business share as an exit plan Purchase TERM when either the retirement or exit date is known.  Purchase PERMANENT when the length of the buy/sell agreement exit date is unknown or the parties want to use the policy additionally for retirement/cash accumulation.
Collateralize business loans Purchase TERM for the length of the business loan, naming the business or the loaning firm as the beneficiary.
Transfer assets to children or grandchildren using an annuity, IRA, etc. income to fund insurance and offset inheritance tax Purchase PERMANENT to cover tax liability associated with transfer of assets to children or grandchildren.
Types of Insurance:

Term Life Insurance – temporary insurance for a set period of time
Permanent Life Insurance – combines a death benefit with a cash value with a potential to increase cash value.  Two types of permanent insurance are Whole Life & Universal Life.
Whole Life Insurance – Your premium will be exactly the same for the rest of your life.  The death benefit and the rate of return on your policy’s cash value are guaranteed.
Universal Life Insurance –This is the flex-pay plan because you can vary the amount of your premiums while still guaranteeing a minimum death benefit as long as you meet the overall premium payment requirements.
Indexed Universal Life –Allows the owner to allocate cash value amounts to either a fixed account or an equity index account such as the S&P 500 or the Nasdaq 100.