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It would be my privilege to be your personal health insurance agent in Sacramento. I want to help you understand your healthcare options and teach you how to save money and time. I service businesses and individuals or families.

In July 2014, Money magazine printed an article “Same Procedure, So Many Prices”, written by Amanda Gengler.  An analysis of 93 types of services and procedures found that in-network prices for the same service often varied by 300%. This analysis concluded that the prices differed by as much as 750%. That seems outrageous to the average person.

What can you do to help contain the costs of your healthcare? The answer is always ASK questions. If you know ahead of time that you have to have a certain procedure, ask your doctor, the billing department or the receptionist where you can find the detailed costs for the procedure so you can compare costs. Now if you work for a company who offers you great medical insurance and you don’t have to pay out of pocket, than this is a moot point for you. But if you have a plan with a higher copay and coinsurance then you need to know what the costs are ahead of time. suggests that you ask the in-network providers listed in your provider directory what the in-network rate is for the particular procedure. In the best case scenario, they will give you a billing code.  The billing code determines the cost of any procedure. Then shop around. ALWAYS make sure your doctor will accept the results from the recommended medical center prior to getting any procedure done. is another website I recommend you view to give you an idea of what the price difference are for the same procedure in your area.

I love my doctor and I appreciate his service and skills. He accepts my insurance and I feel more than comfortable knowing he has my best interests at heart. That is how everyone should feel about their doctor.

As your personal Health Insurance Agent, I will:

  • Find the network your doctor is in
  • Help you understand your benefits
  • Make the calls that keep you on hold for long periods of time
  • Help you write your letters of appeal
  • Help you save money
  • Give you the Power to make choices

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