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Caroline J Dunlop Independent Insurance Agent

Caroline J Dunlop
Independent Insurance Agent

You Deserve Choices

As an Independent Insurance Agent, I work for YOU the client, not the Insurance Companies.

I’ve stood where you do now, uncertain how the system works and wondering where to start.

Why Trust Me?

I am Certified, Qualified and I CARE.   I have earned the State License and I have Personal Experience that drives me to help you.  The lives you want to protect, matter to me.   People buy insurance because they love someone and they want to protect them physically & financially.

What Do I Know For Sure?
  • Health Insurance – My father is a cancer survivor and I am his caretaker. The type of medical insurance he had impacted the type of care he received.  Also, I am a mother.
  • Long Term Care – I was my mother’s legal conservator and she spent the last 10 years of her life in a Long Term Care facility. The average stay in a Long Term Care facility is between 2 to 3 years according to the Administration on Aging.  I have dealt with Medi-Cal, Medicare & Medicaid, conservatorship attorneys, administrative staffs of all levels.
  • Life Insurance – My sister passed away at the early age of 53, leaving behind her two sons. I planned my sister’s funeral.  Life Insurance helped my two nephews move forward in life without the extra added financial stress.
  • Disability Insurance – A disabling illness or injury can halt income, impose additional costs and prevent saving for the future. Disability Insurance will pay the bills until you’re back on your feet and help the caretakers.  There was a period of my life that I was driving between hospitals for my dad’s chemo appointments, doctor’s offices for my mom, working full time and raising a family.

I am an Independent Insurance Agent servicing Individuals, Families, and Businesses in Elk Grove, Sacramento, Roseville & Stockton areas.  It will cost you nothing for my services.  You pay the insurance carriers directly.  As an Independent Agent in Sacramento, I can quote several companies.  One size does not fit all. I will do the research needed to find the type of service in your area that fits your specific needs.

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